Friday, September 28, 2012

Tips on Caring Motor Matic Easily

Tips on Caring Motor Matic Easily | Among you, there may have a motor matic. Caring for the motor, it was not as easy as you think. At first, we must schedule to care for our favorite motor matic. However due to the busyness of your own, you not be taking the time to care for your favorite matic motor. However, you can schedule your own.

Actually, it is easy to take care of the motor matic, that is by constantly heating your Matic Motorcycle Engines. This function if the heat engine and spinning the oil or grease has soaked the whole area serrations machine. Service In Periodical and Always Check Oil.

As with our health, we do not need to wait for pain and take care to the hospital, but it's good for us to keep our motor by way of a check oil and service on a regular basis, so that we know also if there is a small problem we quickly overcome. Doing service 2-3 months once or depending on the motor matic use your miles, about the range of 2000 km it is time for a check or service.

Notice the things that seems paltry but actually it was vital
  • The paltry thing here for example valve, roller, V-belt or other.
  • Change oil shockregularly on your motor matic to prevent dry oil.
  • Wash with fresh water, because the water used for washing is very influential on the durability of the your motor matic, for example if you use the rain water for washing, then your motor matic will quickly rust, because the salt level in the rain water is high.
  • Of course, the parts used will be having an effect on the durability as well, then use genuine spare parts, there is no harm if a little bit expensive but it will be more durable.

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