Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tips to Choose a GPS

Tips to choose a GPS | The rapid of technology development currently, surely ease human beings who have a variety of activities, one of which is traveling to various places. Especially if you are a motorist who often carry out these activities. To facilitate you in finding the destination you want to go, you definitely need a Global Positioning System (GPS) as a means to ease your trip and avoid getting lost in the road, which can disturb your comfort when traveling and GPS as well as vehicle safety device that we have.

GPS is the right tool for you, Because usually GPS is equipped with a map, the handle to the dashboard or glass so easy to put in our cars. But first you must know what kind of GPS that is right for you. These are some of the features that can be your consideration in selecting GPS:

1. Completeness map: Make sure you select GPS that already installed map, that fit the area where GPS will use, and make sure that the latest maps.

2. Sensitivity GPS: Ensure that GPS you select have used a sensitive Cheapseat to receive GPS satellite data so you do not trouble grasping the satellites when placed in your vehicle.

3. Width screen: screen widths determine the details and coverage maps that shown in the GPS screen.

4. Ease of updating the map, make sure your GPS is easy to be updated map data that you need, and easy to find on the market.

5. Ease of operation: easy to operate, no convoluted plot, user friendly, easy to understand language.

6. Voice guidance: This is helpful for you to navigate using a GPS, so you no longer need to constantly look at the GPS screen.

If your GPS has met six criteria above, then your GPS is arguably the GPS that can assist you in finding the destination you are going to go.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tips on Caring Motor Matic Easily

Tips on Caring Motor Matic Easily | Among you, there may have a motor matic. Caring for the motor, it was not as easy as you think. At first, we must schedule to care for our favorite motor matic. However due to the busyness of your own, you not be taking the time to care for your favorite matic motor. However, you can schedule your own.

Actually, it is easy to take care of the motor matic, that is by constantly heating your Matic Motorcycle Engines. This function if the heat engine and spinning the oil or grease has soaked the whole area serrations machine. Service In Periodical and Always Check Oil.

As with our health, we do not need to wait for pain and take care to the hospital, but it's good for us to keep our motor by way of a check oil and service on a regular basis, so that we know also if there is a small problem we quickly overcome. Doing service 2-3 months once or depending on the motor matic use your miles, about the range of 2000 km it is time for a check or service.

Notice the things that seems paltry but actually it was vital
  • The paltry thing here for example valve, roller, V-belt or other.
  • Change oil shockregularly on your motor matic to prevent dry oil.
  • Wash with fresh water, because the water used for washing is very influential on the durability of the your motor matic, for example if you use the rain water for washing, then your motor matic will quickly rust, because the salt level in the rain water is high.
  • Of course, the parts used will be having an effect on the durability as well, then use genuine spare parts, there is no harm if a little bit expensive but it will be more durable.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cadillac Showcased 2 Antique Cars in Petter Hay Hill

Cadillac Showcased 2 Antique Cars in Peter Hay Petter Hill | Hay Hill is a car show involving almost all automotive brands in the world. On this occasion, the Cadillac as the luxury and leading automotive company show off the new car that is equipped with advanced features. In addition to the new car, Cadillac also showcased both antique cars that could be considered less behavior. The both cars are Roadster 5802 which was designed in 1934 and Phaeton 5859 which was designed in 1937. The both cars are car that is in the list of books the buyer where the buyer can choose the preferred model of the car and ordered it. But in that year, did not anyone want to order.

Finally, in the next decade, Fran Roxas decided to build the both car with sticking on the original blueprints that owned by Cadillac designer, John Hampshire. When these cars were built and showcased on Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and has won awards 'best-in-class'.

The car was eventually sold on the car auctions that took place not long ago. At the car auction, the Cadillac Phaeton 5859 is sold for $ 962,500 while the Cadillac Roadster 5802 is sold for $ 1,001,000.

The reason why the both cars is less in demand are:
  • The price is high
  • Buyer must order and pay first and then the buyer must wait 15 months before they get a car. 
  •  The model is a fairly classic or antique
Although the car can be categorized vintage cars but now many vintage car collectors, so it is not surprising that in 2012 and the next will be more people who were booked into the 2nd car.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KIA Stretcher Environmental Themes while Goodyear Invites L. Lohan to Learn Driving

KIA Stretcher Environmental Themes  | KIA manufacturing concern to the environment is not only implied in its products that are environmentally friendly, but also applied to the “booth“ concept at IIMS 2012. In one of Asia's largest automotive show that took place in JIExpo Kemayoran, KIA comes with the theme of "I Like Kia, i Like Eco2 (Ecological and Economical).

By adopting the "booth" concept that has been adopted globally by KIA Motors Corporation, at the IIMS 2012 KIA occupies an area of 700 m2. In addition to displaying its superior products, in the KIA booth also held a variety of games and entertainment. Visitors can also get KIA souvenir gifts by following the various activities available in the game corner, photo corner, and following the KIA vehicles test drive, and other surprises that will be announced on social media (facebook, twitter, and pinterest). 
In this event, PT KIA Mobil Indonesia also provide interesting gift in the form of raffle for a watch international Futsal Competion in Bangkok in November 2012 to three peoples who buy KIA which was lucky for Motorshow takes place, and for those who have not been lucky will get interesting souvenirs from KIA.

Goodyear inviting L. Lohan for learn driving

Having gone through several incidents, including the hit a pedestrian, an actress who had several times in and out of rehabilitation center, Lindsay Lohan, was offered free learn driving from tire manufacturers, Goodyear.
Not only Lindsey, another actress who is also given the opportunity to learn driving from Goodyear is Amanda Bynes. Driver's license belongs to artist, singer and fashion designer who had starred in the film What a Girl Wants and She's the Man it was revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicles in California due to perform a hit and run.

To learn to drive, Goodyear also offered to fly the two teens to Goodyear headquarters in Akron. The goal is to learn to drive directly from a professional instructor. Regardless of this intention is taken by her or not, however the steps that taken by Goodyear could be one of the marketing strategy that quite telling.