Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using Car Matic Engine Brake

Using Car Matic Engine Brake | The advantages of automatic car compared to the manuals due to a shift transmission (or called by gears) that used automatically, so the driver does not need to move the clutch to run or stop the vehicle. Because of this transmission differences, then the automatic car care will be slightly different from the manuals car.

One of the priorities in the caring  for matic car is the gearbox checking and maintenance and transmission system including the clutch. The way is to frequently check the oil in the transmission system. In addition to gear, the brakes have also become very important for automatic vehicle. This is because automatic vehicle relied heavily on the performance of the brakes to reduce the speed.

While to help reduce the speed in the manual car we can use the engine break, which put the gear into a lower gear at the right time thereby helping reduce vehicle speed. However, car matic rider depends largely on the brakes, although the engine also helps lower the engine rotation speed, so the car could be the slow way. For that, the brake maintenance is including very high priority on the matic car maintenance. The brake system should always be in top shape and working properly. To be sure, it should be checked frequently.

Brake is a main component of the vehicle, repairs can only be done by experienced people. Offense in doing repair or maintenance, can result fatal that is an accident. For that, you must do maintenance and brake system repair every 20,000 miles or at least once in 2 years. Note the color of brake fluid, brake fluid color normally have two: clear and red, when it is dirty or discolored then replace it with a new one.

In addition, check the flexible hose brake when do the tires rotation, check the condition of the brake at the same time. For the automatic car users, make it a habit when stopping to neutralize the transmission to reduce the load brake and transmission canvas. Other tips by perform engine break (by using lower gears during downhill). Basically the engine breaking can still be done on automatic car. The utilization of engine breaking to help save the brake pads on the automatic car by doing the transfer transmission lever to the position of a lower transmission.

Generally, automatic car driver feel comfortable in the D (Drive) of the transmission position. In its operation, especially on downhill, after stepping on the brake and car speed is reduced, then move transmission lever from D position to 3 position, or turn off the function OD / Overdrive on the transmission that still use manual Overdrive (by pressing the O / D contained in the transmission lever). Transmission will slip to third gear. Then moved back to 2 position. The transmission will drop into second gear when vehicle speed drops at speeds less than 80 km / h. This shift makes the effect of engine breaking become more powerful. After that, move to 1 position or L position. The transmission will drop into first gear when the vehicle speed drops quickly to speed under 40-30 km / h. In this position engine breaking can be obtained for a maximum.

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