Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Automatic Steering System

The automatic steering system | The research project of HAVEit (Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport), that led by prof. Dr. J├╝rgen Leohold (the director of Volkswagen Group Research) successfully introduced an "automatic steering system that is temporary". This system still must overseen by the VW driver and this system is capable of moving the semi-automatic steering at highway speeds up to 130 kph.

This 'auto pilot' system is represents a relationship between aid system currently and retrieval tools to drive automatically. In the research project, HAVEit also include semi-automatic function that called Temporary Auto Pilot (TAP). TAP to function as the eyes for the driver to keep an eye on the front sight. The other driving aid system is ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and Lane Assist, both of them working in one function.
"Nonetheless, the driver still responsible when driving and ensure that the car must always be in control," said Leohold. "The driver can deactivates the system at any time and still have to continue to monitor," said Leohold.

With the TAP, the accidents will be prevented due to the fault of the car driver. In this semi-automatic driving mode or called Pilot Mode can keep the vehicle in front, set the pace in a straight line or curve by monitoring the movement of cars through the line road markings.

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