Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Features of 2013 All-New Range Rover

New features of 2013 All-New Range Rover | Before the event at the Paris Motor Show 2012, the 2013 All-New Range Rover has been officially introduced in London. Addition to lighter, some interesting features are presented to this luxury SUV. 

This premium SUV class launched exclusively at the Royal Ballet School, London. Besides having a fresh appearance and luxury, the latest generation of 2013 Range Rover has weight 39 percent lighter than the before generation. It is obtained from the use of monocoque body structure of aluminum. 

The weight reduction can reach 420 kg, however, the weight reduction is depending on the type and specification that will be marketed in any country. One example for a model of the V8 engine has 5.0 liter capacity for the U.S. and the weight about 318kg lighter than the previous model. 

"By using the platform of aluminum, this car would increasingly have a much better performance. Not only that, handling, comfort, to the consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions becomes smaller than the previous model, "the statement of Land Rover. 

As a new generation of luxury SUV, the All-New Range Rover 2013 increasingly offering a variety of features that are more seductive. Not only as a luxury SUV that used in urban areas, but also as a natural vehicle with more convenience. For cardiac pacemaker, will be available engine options, V8 supercharged with 5.0-liter capacity, TDV8 diesel with 4.4 liter capacity and most small TDV6 with 3.0 liter capacity. 

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